Sandra Peniche Franco

 Sandra’s professional practice focuses on public law litigation and intellectual property. She has more than six years of experience in constitutional and administrative counseling and litigation since she entered Aguinaco Abogados, in 2018.

2022 Graduated from Universidad Panamericana with Honors in Law School.



She has collaborated in cases related to various regulatory matters, administrative law, personal data privacy, public information access, tax, real estate development, mining, shared micromobility sanitary, environmental, telecommunications and antitrust. 

Previously, she collaborated at Bufete Jurídico Gratuito Social, A.C., so she has practice and experience in civil and family litigation.




Winner of the first place of the university competition of constitutional litigation and human rights, “El Camino a la Suprema Corte” representing Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City (2020).

Other professional activities

Pro bono work

Sandra has been extensively involved in pro bono practice. She participated for a year in the “Bufete Jurídico Gratuito” of the Universidad Panamericana handling family and civil matters for people with scarce economic resources. She contributed in some of the most relevant cases on the rights of people with disabilities, participatory democracy, serious human rights violations, cultural rights, as well as in the drug policy reform.

Earthquake, September 19: Free legal advice to victims of the earthquake of September 19, 2017, as part of the project of Appleseed Mexico and Bufete Jurídico Gratuito Social A.C.

Cannabis litigation. Collaborator in litigations before the Mexican Supreme Court, which created the jurisprudence that recognized the constitutional protection of the personal use of cannabis.

Rights of people with disabilities. Collaborator in the case by which the Mexican Supreme Court declared the omission of the federal education authorities and the State of Mexico to implement effective measures to achieve inclusive education (Citlali García Case, 2019). 

Disability-based detention in mental health settings. Case before the Supreme Court in defense persons with disabilities held involuntarily in psychiatric hospitals (2024)

Cultural Rights: Consultant to Asociación de Amigos del MAP, A.C. (Folk Art Museum)

Collaborator in several litigations through the CEIS - Centro Estratégico de Impacto Social, A.C. foundation.

Aguinaco Abogados - Equipo

Academic Activities

  • Law Degree, Universidad Panamericana Law School (Honors, 2022).
  • 2020. Winner of the first place of the university competition of constitutional litigation and human rights, “El Camino a la Suprema Corte” representing Universidad Panamericana, Mexico City (2020)
  •  Course on mediation in family and civil matters, given by the Instituto para la Paz, recognized by the Center for Administrative Justice.


Associations and Boards

Member of the Mexican Bar Association (Barra Mexicana, Colegio de Abogados.


Educational Activities

Professor of Constitutional Law and Amparo at Universidad Panamericana.

Assistant Professor of Constitutional Law at Universidad Panamericana (2021-2023),

Aguinaco Abogados - Equipo

Published works

Publication in the Human Rights Studies Collection of the Human Rights Commission of the State of Jalisco "La responsabilidad social empresarial y la responsabilidad corporativa de respetar derechos humanos: dos planetas distintos de un mismo universo", Volume XVI. Human Rights and Business of the Human Rights Studies Collection (2022).

Proof reading of the book "El contrato de Compraventa", published in 2018 and written by Lic. Gonzalo Ortiz Blanco, notary public 98 of Mexico City.